Berkeley Springs Layout

The town containing  50 acres was laid off  in lots of 1/4 acre each, with wide  and convenient streets, the Main thoroughfares   being parallel with the base of warm Springs Mountain, with lateral streets at right angles to them extending the width of the valley. General Washington supervised this work and the town main thoroughfare , Washington Street named for him. At the intersection of this street  with a line forming the southern border of the property set aside to the public for bathing purposes, Washington planted a tree. This tree is of the American or white Elm  family, which has a wide distribution,its range extending from Maine to Texas, it now has a girth  at the base of fifteen feet and embedded in its northern side is a tablet  earning the inscription,“this tree was planted by George Washington” the town thus authorized by the Virginia assembly and laid out by Washington was called “Bath” from the City of that name  in England famed for its waters, and Bath is yet the legal designation. Continue reading

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History of Berkeley Springs II

In the year of our Lord 1747, Lord Fairfax having been granted land wilderness extending from the Blue Ridge Mountains on the East to the Ohio river, and  from the County of Orange on the south to the head spring of the Potomac, had in his employee a young surveyor, George Washington by name, to explore map, and make reports  as to their economic value. In this year the following note occurs  in his journal dated  March the 8, h: ” We this day  called to see the famous Warm Springs. ” We camped in the field this night”.  At the time of Washington’s first visit, the bathing  was done in a hole made by scooping out the earth near one of the springs  and allowing the overflow to gather therein, from this a ditch led to the nearby Warm Springs Run, this bathing place is suppose to have been at the site of the present Continue reading

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History of Berkeley Springs I

History of Berkeley Springs, compiled by J.C Scott

Legends handed down by Indians and,  first settlers inform us that  prior to the settlement by the whites the territory surrounding the Springs which tend the name to our city was held to be neutral by the different tribes who visited the then called “Healing waters” with their sick. and although the Shawnees, Tuscarores, and Catawbas had villages  in the nearby valleys and on  must of the rivers, not instance is known wherein the red man violated these neutrality, or in any Continue reading

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